Foundation Inspection Services in Alpharetta

Importance of Foundation Inspections

Your foundation, bearing the weight of your Alpharetta home, is crucial. Compromises can lead to widespread structural issues. A foundation inspection provides:

Accurate diagnosis of underlying problems

Targeted and effective repair planning

Cost savings through early detection and prevention

Safety and peace of mind by identifying potential risks

What an Inspection Involves

Visual examination for cracks, settlement, and moisture

Measurements for slope and elevation

Moisture analysis for intrusion

Soil analysis for composition and drainage

Detailed report with findings, recommendations, and estimated costs

When to Get an Inspection

Schedule regular inspections and consider them especially in these situations:

Purchasing a new Alpharetta home

Visible foundation damage (cracks, gaps, sticking doors)

Sudden changes in your home (sloping floors, etc.)

Major home renovations

After extreme weather events (heavy rains, flooding)

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